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  • Dec 11, 2015: Our paper "Managing the Energy-Delay Tradeoff in Mobile Applications with Tempus" was awarded the Best Paper Award at Middleware 2015!
  • Jul 29, 2015: Began my new appointment at the Scripps Translational Science institute!
  • About Me

    I am currently the Viterbi Fellow of Digital Medicine at the Scripps Translational Science Institute, where I am kick-starting new research and engineering efforts related to the use of wearable and passive sensing devices in healthcare. As the first engineer to be working on mHealth related efforts at STSI, I work closely with a team of physicians and statisticians across STSI and the Scripps Health hospital system and provide broad technical guidance to both ongoing and planned projects. I believe that patient collected data, from outside the clinical setting, will play a major role in ensuring that the future of medical care is both scalable and affordable. My research focuses on the development of new sensing devices (particularly those related to air quality and respiratory health monitoring) and analytical techniques for turning the data collected by everyday people, using consumer devices, into actionable information for physicians.

    I completed my PhD studies in the Computer Science and Engineering Department at the University fo California, San Diego in 2015. I was advised by William Griswold. I graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles in the Spring of 2009 with a degree in Computer Science. While at UCLA, I was a CENS Intel Scholar and did research at the Center for Embedded Networked Sensing.

    During graduate school, I primarily worked on two large research efforts. Much of my dissertation was based on my work on APE, or Annotated Programming for Energy-efficiency, an annotation language and middleware runtime service that eases the development of energy-management policies for use in Android applications. Much of this work was motivied by previous work on the CitiSense project, which tracked individual exposure to air pollution through an complete, end-to-end monitoring system: a body-worn sensor board, a mobile phone application for presenting feedback to users, and a back-end server for presenting personal exposure history and further analysis.

    Selected Publications


  • Nima Nikzad, Marjan Radi, Octav Chipara, and William G. Griswold, "Managing the Energy-Delay Tradeoff in Mobile Applications with Tempus", ACM/IFIP/USENIX Middleware 2015. Best Paper Award

  • Nima Nikzad, Octav Chipara, and William G. Griswold, "APE: An Annotation Language and Middleware for Energy-Efficient Mobile Application Development", International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE) 2014.

  • Celal Ziftci, Nima Nikzad, Nakul Verma, Piero Zappi, Elizabeth Bales, Ingolf Krueger and William G. Griswold, “Citisense: Mobile Air Quality Sensing for Individuals and Communities”, OOPSLA 2012 Demo Session, 2012.

  • Nima Nikzad, Nakul Verma, Celal Ziftci, Elizabeth Bales, Nichole Quick, Piero Zappi, Kevin Patrick, Sanjoy Dasgupta, Ingolf Krueger, Tajana Simunic Rosing, William G. Griswold. "CitiSense: Improving Geospatial Environmental Assessment of Air Quality Using a Wireless Personal Exposure Monitoring System". Wireless Health 2012. Best Paper Award

  • Nima Nikzad, Jinseok Yang, Piero Zappi, Tajana Simunic Rosing, Dilip Krishnaswamy. "Model-driven Adaptive Wireless Sensing for Environmental Healthcare Feedback Systems". IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC) 2012.

  • Elizabeth Bales, Nima Nikzad, Nichole Quick, Celal Ziftci, Kevin Patrick and William Griswold. "Citisense: Mobile Air Quality Sensing for Individuals and Communities", Poster and short paper, PervasiveHealth 2012.

  • Journals

  • Ju Young Kim, Nathan E Wineinger, Michael Taitel, Jennifer M Radin, Osayi Akinbosoye, Jenny Jiang, Nima Nikzad, Gregory Orr, Eric Topol, and Steve Steinhubl. "Self-Monitoring Utilization Patterns Among Individuals in an Incentivized Program for Healthy Behaviors", J Med Internet Res 2016;18(11):e292 DOI: 10.2196/jmir.6371

  • Technical Reports

  • Elizabeth Bales, Nima Nikzad, Celal Zifci, Nichole Quick, William Griswold, and Kevin Patrick, "Personal Pollution Monitoring: Mobile Real-Time Air-Quality in Daily Life", UCSD CSE Technical report CS2014-1005, 2014.

  • Nima Nikzad, Celal Ziftci, Piero Zappi, Nichole Quick, Priti Aghera, Nakul Verma, Barry Demchak, Kevin Patrick, Hovav Shacham, Tajana S Rosing, Ingolf Krueger, William G Griswold, Sanjoy Dasgupta, "CitiSense - Adaptive Services for Community-Driven Behavioral and Environmental Monitoring to Induce Change", UCSD CSE Technical report CS2011-0961, 2011.

  • Book Chapters

  • Nima Nikzad, Priti Aghera, Piero Zappi, Tajana S Rosing, "Energy Management in Heterogeneous Wireless Health Care Networks", in Energy-Efficient Distributed Computing Systems, Edited by Albert Y. Zomaya, Young Choon Lee, John Wiley & Sons, Inc, 2012.